E Z CNC is an old software program which communicates to your motor drives, through your PC  parallel port (printer port), only under Windows 95/98. Since it is only capable to work under Windows 95/98, and is no longer supported, it is free for all to download . It may be used to produce step and direction pulses with ramping for up to 3 motors, senses 3 home switches, and the E-stop button for emergency situations.  All signals to and from the port are (TTL),  which is compatible with almost any driver/translator found today. Also pins to the parallel port can be configured to almost any desired configuration. Switches can be enabled or disabled, switched to negative or positive pulse by the click of a mouse button. This Software was designed for a beginner operator in controlling accurately and smoothly 3 axis simultaneously.

Version 6.20 release now with:  Spindle control Aux 1, 2, 3 control for dust collection, cooling, Emergency stop input and a motor enable output. EZ CNC can control three-axis limit switchs and can automatically power-off after job is completed. Install Shield installation is 2.1MB.


                                                                         Bellow are menus captured from EZ-CNC software


 Welcome to what I believe is a great site for the beginner CNC (computer numerically control) operator. This EZ-CNC application software is free for all to download and use. You will find it to be the most cost effective way to begin your journey into a three axis control, with accuracy, user friendliness all for Windows 95 /98. Beware that EZ-CNC will not operate with Windows greater than Win98 and is no longer supported has a product. So beside the fact your on your own with this, the Software will allows you to simulate movement, calculate estimated time , visualize your design and where you are in your run move, allows you to fully automate your control process and much more. EZ CNC software artificially strives to conform as closely as possible to a Real-Time performance, with ramping algorithms to provide smooth starts and stops, like found on high end hardware controlled devices. It is aimed at the beginner home CNC user in providing a free control software solution for mechanical movement needs.

Once you download the Demo software to your computer, unzip the folder to your desktop, and run setup. It will ask you for a serial number, please input 0000 and the software will install.

EZ CNC  software handles G-Code commands G00,G02,G03,G04,G17,G18,G19,G20,G21,M6,M3,M4,M5 only, and has many built in features to conform to your configuration. See below for a basic hook up schematic for 3 axis motor movement all under EZ-CNC, and also provided is a reference G-Code guide


 List of General G-Codes and their functions

 G00 Rapid Traverse *
 G01 Linear Move at a Feed Rate *
 G02 Circular Move, Clockwise Direction *
 G03 Circular Move, Counter-Clockwise Direction *
 G04 Dwell *
 G17 XY Plane Selection *
 G18 ZX Plane Selection *
 G19 YZ Plane Selection *
 G30 Cancel Mirror Image *
 G31 Reverse X-Axis Direction Sign (Mirror Image X) *
 G32 Reverse Y-Axis Direction Sign (Mirror Image Y) *
 G40 Cutter Compensation Cancel *
 G41 Cutter Compensation Left *
 G42 Cutter Compensation Right *
 G72 Cancel Rotation *
 G73 Rotation *
 G74 Incremental Input I, J, and K Values *
 G75 Absolute Input I, J, and K Values *
G76 Scaling*

G78 Non Modal Circle Conventional Mill Cycle *
    G79 Non Modal Circle Climb Mill Cycle *
 G80-G89 Canned Cycles *

G81 Spotting Drill cycle *
G82 Speed Peck Drill Cycle *
G83 Full Retract Peck Drill Cycle *
    G85 Bore Cycle - Feed Down - Feed Up *
   G86 Bore Cycle - Feed Down - Stop - Rapid Up - StopM00 Program Stop *
 G90 Absolute Input X, Y, and Z Values *
 G91 Incremental Input X, Y, and Z values *
 G92 Set Program Part Zero -

M01 Optional Program Stop *
   M02 Program End *
M03 Spindle Clockwise *
  M04 Spindle Counter-Clockwise *
M05 Spindle Off *
  M06 Tool change *
    M07 Secondary Coolant On *
   M08 Primary Coolant On *
       M09 All Coolant Off *
    M17 End of Subprogram *
     M25 Quill Home


                                                                                            Schematic Drawing of motor hook up.



 Source Code also available by clicking here.                                                                                 Download EZ-CNC by clicking here.             


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